Release notes - April / May 2021

Blanca Castillo
Blanca Castillo
  • Updated


  • TMT infinity 

TourCMS hosted booking engines and Gray line licensees’ websites have been migrated to the new Trust My Travel platform “Infinity”.  If you want to learn more about this payment solution, please visit our article here.


  • Health and Safety

New “Health and Safety” tab as part of the tour settings. These descriptions have already been included as part of the “Search Tours” API endpoint. Please, visit our article here for more information.


  • TourCMS wordpress plugin updated for PHP 8 

We have updated our TourCMS WordPress plugin for PHP 8. In addition, the plugin now includes the information from the Health & Safety tab. Please, visit our article about the TourCMS plugin for more information.


  • Beta improvements

Bug fixing and improvements in the new backoffice and booking engine design.



  • Change the shopper statement in the backoffice 

The shopper statement is the merchants name printed on credit card receipts or statements. As a default Palisis Marketpay uses your merchants company name. On request, Palisis support can change that name to a more common understandable name tied to your organisation. This can prevent chargebacks and fraud reports.


  • New design for PDF tickets and vouchers

We have launched a new PDF ticket/voucher design with receipt (invoice) for Boxoffice and webshop tickets/vouchers with a more modern, structured design. You can find more information here about the new design.


  • New payment solutions

New payment solutions for Adyen:

  • Twint in Switzerland
  • iDeal in Netherlands

Please, contact us at to enable this feature.


  • Palisis app features

We have implemented the refund and re-schedule features on the Palisis Ticketing app also for vouchers. Please, visit our support article here to know more about this topic.