Release notes - March 2021

Blanca Castillo
Blanca Castillo
  • Updated


  • Palisis Marketpay

Now it’s possible to sign up for a Palisis Marketpay merchant account from the backoffice. It’s an easy process that directs you to the onboarding page to create the merchant account. Please, visit our article here to know more about this.


  • List bookings endpoint

New API endpoint to list bookings. Please, take a look at our official API documentation.


  • Flexible time input

Until now it was only possible to set the departure times at a number of minutes ending on 0 or 5. And now you can set a flexible time input like 9:28  or 15:13 as some examples. This setting is only accessible for Admin users, so please, contact our support team ( to activate this feature.


  •  New TourCMS backend design

We have released a beta version of our new TourCMS backend with a much more engaging styling. 


  • Booking engine redesign

We have relaunched our TourCMS booking engine with a new design, much more modern and aligned with the general product design.


  • Spreedly Sandbox gateway

Until now, it was not possible to create a Spreedly Sandbox gateway, only a test one which was not a real gateway. But now they have changed their API and we have implemented the possibility to create a Sandbox Gateway at the moment of creating the Spreedly gateway.



  • Blackbox Germany

The Kassensicherheitsverordnung (§146 AO) in Germany requires all cash registers and ticket devices to have a certified technical safety device (zertifizierte Technische Sicherheitseinrichtung, short TSE). Although this new feature is still in the testing phase, Palisis will be compliant with the ordinance before 31.03.2021, so you will not need to have a TSE. Please, visit our support article here to know more about this topic.


  • Improvements in our Android application

We have implemented some new features in our Android client (Palisis Ticketing app) to improve the booking process and the user experience. If you want to know more about it, please visit our article here