Release notes - January / February 2021

Blanca Castillo
Blanca Castillo
  • Updated


  • New agent Palisis Distribution

There is a new travel agent in our TourCMS Marketplace called “Palisis Distribution”, which identifies Palisis as a distributor of TourCMS products. All bookings originating in Palisis are sent to TourCMS (upstream integration) as well as the supplier subsystem (if there is one) as bookings made by the agent “Palisis Distribution”. For more information, please visit the article about “TourCMS upstream integration”. 


  • Temporary basket capacity reservation 

This new feature allows the system to reserve capacity as soons as a product is added to the basket, before the booking is complete. Now, operations with several devices selling the same products at the same time can avoid overbooking on capacity based products. This feature only applies to Android devices. You can find more information about our Palisis app here


  • Boxoffice jumps to next step when “decide later” is selected

This is an improvement to the user experience when booking in the Boxoffice. Now the booking process is faster and more intuitive when the “Decide later” option is selected. For more information, you can visit our article about the “Decide later option in Boxoffice”.


  • Infinite prebooking pagination

Another improvement to the backoffice, now the pre-booking screen presents an infinite scroll. If you want to learn more about this functionality, visit our article about “What to do in Prebookings”.


  • Improvement to the Ticketgateway integration

We have included additional fields in the integration between “Ticket Gateway” and our system.

If you want to know more about our integration with “Ticket Gateway”, please take a look at our November 2020 release note.


  • Improvements in the partner cash status

We have improved the Palisis partner cash status showing only partners with open cash settlements, and adding refunds, which were not previously taken into account. We’ve also optimized calculations in the backend, so the report is faster. If you want to learn more about this topic, please visit the article “What is cash status”.


  • SSL certificate for customers domains

Palisis now also provides the SSL certificate for webshops that use our customers own domains. To learn more about our webshops, take a look at this article.


  • New device PAX920

We're proud to present the first piece of our next generation ticketing device, the PAX A920. Please, take a look at the specifications here.


  • Blackbox Germany (under testing now) 

The Kassensicherheitsverordnung (§146 AO) in Germany requires all cash registers and ticket devices to have a certified technical safety device (zertifizierte Technische Sicherheitseinrichtung, short TSE). Although this new feature is still in the testing phase, Palisis will be compliant with the ordinance before 31.03.2021, so you will not need to have a TSE.