Palisis Ticketing Release Notes 4.31.0

John Goeggel
John Goeggel
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Dear Palisis customers

Today - Wednesday the 4th of July 2018 - we will release update 4.31.0 for Palisis Ticketing. Along with some small improvements we will give you a powerful new customer function to improve the versatility of your priceplans:

Priceplan validity based on event date & time:

In the past all the channels were interpreting the priceplan date validity in a different way: The webshops were checking the time range for the allowed events/departures, the devices were using the time range to check the allowed sales time and for the boxoffice, the interpretation was configurable by account. To consolidate this behavior, we’ve added additional date settings and implemented them on all channels.

With this update, you will be able to not only define the possible sales date for any given priceplan but also the possible event date of the tickets/vouchers based on that priceplan.

Some examples might help your understanding of this feature:

  • Holiday special: Let’s say you want to create a special priceplan to push your Christmas sales. We create this priceplan like any other; under “Date range” we enter from today until the end of December. (We want to be able to sell this priceplan immediately.) But a little bit further down we can enter the “Event Date Range”. Here we can enter the holiday start and end date. After entering the other usual specifications of our priceplan we hit save. We just created a priceplan that can be sold today for events in the future!




  • Early bird special: In the past, we had the restriction of one price structure for one day. Now we can create two priceplans for the same date range but dependant on the event time! This enables us to have two priceplans active on the same day, one for morning events and one for afternoon events. With this, we could create a priceplan with lower prices for the morning to increase demand of such events.




I must mention that the use of this new feature is dependant on the Palisis device software v.4.31.0  - or later - which is currently in the testing phase. If you are interested in actively using this new capability please contact our customer support so that we can discuss and schedule an update of your device software after the public release.

All devices prior to v4.31.0 will for compatibility reasons continue to use the “Event Date Range” as allowed sales date range.

If you have any questions about release 4.31.0 you are more than welcome to send them to Thanks for your time and attention,

your Palisis team