Palisis Ticketing Release Notes 4.28.0

John Goeggel
John Goeggel
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Dear Palisis customers

Today - Thursday 8th of March 2018 - we released update 4.28.0 for Palisis Ticketing. We’re pleased to announce that with this update we will introduce:

Bundle v2

One thing that our bundles were incapable of was discounts. Due to the editable priceplans of bundles we argued that most bundles would contain some sort of discount anyway and there was just no need for it.

But the operational needs of some customers proved us wrong and that’s why we added this functionality. If you head to the Bundle section of the Palisis backoffice (Configuration > Bundles) and take a closer look at a single bundle, you’ll notice a new drop-down field: Version V1 or V2.


V1 is your old bundle without any changes to the past usage. You can combine multiple tours and/or products and then edit their prices in the priceplan section of Bundles.

V2 is different. V2 allows you to choose if one or multiple components of the bundle are eligible for discount (“discountable”). Please be aware that this version of bundles will calculate the price of the bundle as the sum of all its components. The price in the priceplan will not be editable and it is automatically adjusted when one of the assigned items’ price is changed!


You can switch a bundle between V1 and V2 at any time, but please be aware, that the configured prices are automatically overwritten by the sum price of the items when you switch an existing bundle to V2 and this is not undone when you switch the bundle back to V1.

If you now apply a discount function in Palisis you’ll notice three things:

  • Only bundle components of v2 bundles are discounted if they are marked as “discountable”.
  • Only components which covered by the “Applied to”-settings of a discount are discounted. (i.e.: If you apply a special “Children” discount to an Adult bundle you won’t see a discount.)
  • Flyer-, Calculated- and Manual-Discounts can be applied to Bundles.

In case you have any questions about release 4.28.0 you are very welcome to send them to Thanks for reading,

your Palisis team