How to integrate with an iVenture account

Blanca Castillo
Blanca Castillo
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General introduction

Our devices are able to sell iVenture products and also redeem iVenture cards, roughly:

- iVenture card sale: once our device sells an iVenture card it sends the package (sales code) and iVenture card number to SORSE (iVenture system).

- iVenture card redemption: once our device makes a redemption, it sends the iVenture card product code and number to SORSE, where the deduction of one activity is registered. This action doesn't take place in real time, just a few minutes after the redemption.

To make this real, we need to properly map the iVenture account with the operator account.

iVenture account

It's necessary to have an iVenture account created in Palisis in order to map it with your account. So first of all, please look for the iVenture account in the partnering section. Please, take into account that the partner name should be "iVenture [based currency]"; if it doesn't exist yet, then please write an email to asking for this and we will create it. If you already know the iVenture type of cards, pricing and sales code, please inform this in your email as well, so we can create the corresponding priceplans in this new account and map them accordingly.


What should I do?

Next step would be to create the partnering relationship between both accounts (iVenture and your own account) as usual, but we need to take some considerations into account:

- Partner permission: allow the priceplan or priceplans included as part of the iVenture card attractions.

- Partner pricing: set the deposit to 100% and the markup to 0% and the corresponding commission you iVenture would earn for every sale.

It's also necessary to enter the iVenture merchant ID in Configuration> Sales channels> Merchant

- Merchant: we need to inform here the iVenture merchant ID and iVenture Secret. This information should be provided by the iVenture key account manager, it's the merchant ID in SORSE (iVenture system).

Mapping with the iVenture account

Finally, you should map your priceplans with iVenture product codes.

For that, you need to go to Configuration > Transportation> Priceplan

Then, you need to map the priceplans included as an attraction (redeemed priceplan after the iVenture card scanning) with the corresponding iVenture Product Code for Adult and Child. You can find the Product Codes in SORSE (iVenture system) or ask your iVenture key account manager. For that, you need to click on the small triangle icon on the left side of the priceplan name.

Then you will see a table with your seat categories, passenger categories, and prices. Here you need to click on the grey tab at the top left side of every cell for every passenger category and seat category you want to map. In our example, we're going to map the Standard seat category (STD) as the rest of seat categories have already been mapped (the tab turns to orange if the priceplan is mapped).

For example:

As an example, we're going to map the Standard category and the Adult passenger category with the iVenture product code 2459. The process is always the same, so you can take this as a guide.

Even though it appears the button "add" to add another Product Code or Sales Code, the integration only allows the mapping from "1 Product Code to 1 Operator's priceplan" and from "1 Sales Code to 1 iVenture's priceplan".

It would be also necessary to map the priceplans (iVenture type of cards) with their corresponding Sales code within the iVenture account. That's something our support team can do for you, so if you haven't informed us before about this, please send an email to with the correspondence between every iVenture type of card and its sales code. You can find the sales codes in SORSE (iVenture system) or you can ask your iVenture key account manager.


How the devices work after the integration

How to sell an iVenture card

1. Go to Partner section

2. If you have more than one suppliers, then select the iVenture account.

3. Validity screen. Select the iVenture card you want to sell and click on the printer to go to the Checkout screen.

4. Select the payment account and then scan the iVenture card in order to load the corresponding package into the card. By default, the card will be also redeemed after the sale, so 1 activity will be deducted at the same time and the device will print out your tour's ticket.

If you don't want to redeem the card at the same time, if you prefer to do the redemption in a second operation, then please contact Palisis support (

How to redeem an iVenture card

1. Go to Voucher and scan the iVenture card QR code


2. After checking the validity online the device will show a "Valid" message or an error in case of an expired card or any other issue. If the card is "Valid", then the correct priceplan will be automatically added to the cart and you can print out the ticket. So the iVenture card will be deducted for 1 activity.