How to configure "Passenger Categories"

Blanca Castillo
Blanca Castillo
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Where do I find it?

Configuration > Business Data > Passenger Categories


What does it mean?

Passenger categories define the different types of passengers you might have. You need to register here all passenger types across your business. For example child, adult, senior, student, etc. You must specify the appropriate prices for each chosen passenger category later on in the corresponding in the Priceplan.


What should I do?

Enter all the passenger categories you use and choose a useful Code (you'll need the in Priceplans again in order to identify the passenger category). In case you use the Online-Shop, make sure that you enter the corresponding entries for each Online-Shop Language you offer! For example, you need to add an Adult (Code ADT) for passengers above the age of 18.

Capacity weight is the number of spaces occupied by that passenger category. For instance, it will be 1 in the case of an adult, but it could be 4 in the case of a family.

Discount weight informs how a passenger 'counts' towards a weight trigger in a 'Calculated Discount' or 'Flyer Discount’, it will not change the discount percentage, only how many times you have to apply the discount for that passenger category. For instance, if Child tickets do not attract further discounts it would be set to 0, or it could be 1 for adults. Most of the time this parameter will be set to 1 to apply the full discount.

Type explains the type of passenger category and it's important to select the correct one when there is an integration with a third party system like AVS, Ticket Gateway or any other system integrated with Palisis. The following categories are available:





Like all over Palisis, the little globe icon 🌍 at the lower part of the page allows you to set the correct term for each language for your webshop.

Choose the desired language from the little dropdown at the far left, and introduce the correct term for each language.

If this section is left blank, Palisis will use the general description used in the upper part of the page.



This passenger category takes 1 seat (capacity weight = 1) and if a certain discount is applied, it would be multiplied by one (discount weight = 1) and is assigne to Adult (Type = Adult):