How to set up Online shop and Boxoffice tickets/vouchers

Blanca Castillo
Blanca Castillo
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What does it mean?

The online shop and boxoffice voucher is a printable PDF document that gets generated whenever a ticket has been bought either in the online shop or in the boxoffice. The voucher has a standard layout, though you can design various components according to your operational needs. 


What should I do?

Let’s look at an example:


1. Your company's logo


You can upload it going to Configuration > Sales channels > Globals. Keep in mind, that the Logo cannot be bigger than 140px height and 600px width.



2. QR Code


This QR Code contains all the ticket information. It can be redeemed with your Palisis devices and when scanning it, it shows, if the voucher is valid or not.


3. Ticket Information


In this field will be shown the general ticket information like the ticket ID. This is also the ID you can use for searching for the ticket in the back office.


4. Date of purchase (validity)


As the title states already, this field shows the date of purchase of the ticket. In case your ticket has a validity defined in the priceplan, it will also show here.


5. Ticket price information


Here, the ticket price and VAT is shown. You can configure specific configurations for the VAT on the voucher going to Configuration > Sales channels > Sales Configuration. The default settings are, that the VAT is shown on both the online and the boxoffice voucher.


6. Customer Contact


When buying a ticket in the webshop and in the boxoffice, at one point the customer's information has to be entered. For example in the boxoffice it looks like this, depending on your settings of which information is required from the customer:4.png

This information will be printed on the ticket. In the boxoffice, you can choose for yourself, if you want the notes being printed on the voucher as well.


7. Operator Contact


This is the contact information from your company. You can configure the information going to Configuration > Sales channels > Globals.



8. Tour Name

The tour name will be taken from the operation line name.



9. Passenger category


In this field will be shown what passenger category the ticket is for and the additional information, if there is some. This can be set up going to Configuration > Business data > Passenger categories.



10. Tour Description


This is the tour description you have entered in Configuration > Transportation > Route


You have the option to add a description in different languages. 


11. Image


You can upload the image going to Configuration > Transportation > Online Shop Configuration > Ticket picture. Keep in mind, that the picture should have 1200px width and 900px height.

Additionally, you can configure, if the customer's notes should always be printed on the voucher or not. And also (in case of a partner sale), if the name of the partner should be printed on the voucher.


When the customer buys a ticket in the online shop, the voucher will be sent to his Email and when you buy a ticket in the boxoffice, you can print the voucher right away or, also, send it to the customer's Email.