How to setup the favorite screens

Blanca Castillo
Blanca Castillo
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Where do I find it?

Configuration > Business Data > Favorite screens


What does it mean?

Palisis Instant Ticketing allows you to create as many favorite screens as you want with up to 99 Priceplan prices each. This is a very useful and powerful tool to show on the devices those most sold priceplans on the main screen as direct links, which will save your sales operator a lot of time.

Of course, you can create more than one favorite screen for your devices, maybe you need to set them depending on the area where the device is working or depending on other parameters like operation lines or routes. So you have the possibility of adding a different favorite screen for every device if this is your preference.

For your convenience, you can set one of them as the default on the devices, the POS or both.


What should I do?

To create a favorite screen you should go to: Configuration > Business Data > Favorite screens

You need to insert a short code, which needs to have between 6 and 8 characters, and then you can select it as default for POS, devices or both.

After that, you can start adding priceplans to your favorite screen by clicking on the button "Add FS item".

You must essentially do 6 steps for every item:

  1. Give it a name. It will be displayed on the favorite screen, you can use up to 255 characters.
  2. How many pieces of the same priceplan will be added? 1, 10, 50? It's sometimes useful to create a batch of 10 priceplans for instance, so in case you have a big group, you don't need to add the priceplans to the shopping cart one by one, as the feature "X number of people" + "#" + "Priceplan" doesn't work in favourite screen, only in the newest device software v.4.30.0
  3. Choose your own or partner products
  4. Choose Transportation, Products or Bundles
  5. Choose the priceplan price with Business Unit, Operation Line, Price Plan, Seat Category, Passenger Category.
  6. Choose currency. If you don't choose anything, then the default base currency will be used. Although, currency can later be switched during checkout.


Now that you have your first item, you can add as many as you want with up to 99. And you can also sort them by drag and drop into a different position as your preference.


How to create a placeholder field for better structuring the PPP-fields?

If you want to have a break in the flow of PPPs, then you can create a new PPP and "REMOVE PPP SELECTED" or you can add it leaving all the fields in blank, just click on "Add FS item" and then click on "add" as follows:


How to edit or remove an item?

It's also possible to edit or remove existing items, you just need to click on "edit" or "remove" on the right side.

How to add the Favourite screen to a certain device or POS?

The favorite screen is added to a device or POS by scanning on the "Start Ticketing" screen the QR code shown at the very bottom of the screen, in our example: C00500FAVSCR_1

If the favorite screen has been set as "Is Default", then you don't need to scan this QR code, the favorite screen will be added automatically for all your POS or handheld devices. 


To enable the favorite screen into your device, click on the upper right-hand corner and then on “Favorites”. This way, you will be able to see the favorite screen you already created.