Release notes - Palisis Server - Palisis 4.62.11 - 4.62.34

Blanca Castillo
Blanca Castillo
  • Updated


  • Extend PDFServiceImpl to create PDF from public URL
  • Extend async report creating to allow for PDF
  • Add Privacy Policy etc to login page
  • Up/Cross - Desktop Webshop Up-sell / Cross-sell service
  • Up/Cross - Cascade delete

For more information about this feature, please visit our support article How to offer an upsell option on your webshop

  • Create a public endpoint to allow loading of reports
  • Verify or fix SQL Report View Service endpoint
  • Create AVS VCC basics
  • VCC integration Vouchers Get
  • Create ExternalReferenceBatchStatus.AVS
  • Deploy AWS scalable PDF Environments
  • TE - Basic API Setup
  • TE - Is TourExport allowed Service endpoint
  • TE - Get Tour Endpoint
  • TE - Limit operation line route relationship
  • TE - Manual Trigger Tour Export
  • DeparturesCache and DeparturesPriceCache services for /hh


  • AVS - Log & Monitoring improvements
  • New PDF Layout to use Supplier for tickets instead of agent

For more information about this feature, please visit our support article How to enable the new PDF layout

  • Add ReportType DASHBOARD and check for correct execution in handling where GLANCE is used currently

For more information about this feature, please visit our support article How to use the "Dashboards" report

  • COM - add cascade delete to commission items
  • COM - Handle Refund & Cancel in calculation



  • Create user is always sending an email with a password
  • COM - CRUD does not allow multiple TOs with the same thresholds
  • Change menu endpoints i18n etc to match shop menus
  • Reschedule - Access limited for partner
  • Missing commissionTemplate_Id column in Report Export
  • The partnerSettlement is not displaying the correct information
  • Boxoffice using agent email as a fallback for Adyen payments leading to fraud detection
  • Row "Vacant" is missing on the new design "next departures" screen
  • SFTP upload failing with "Algorithm negotiation fail"
  • PartnerPricing is not working correctly
  • Can't save commissionRule with different paymentAccountIds in default commissionRuleTOS.
  • Sales commission update by commissionGroupId
  • Not possible to delete ticket blocks either on the old or the new front end
  • SFTP upload failing with "Algorithm negotiation fail"
  • Report Export not working
  • Sales user commission calculating for other bookingPlatform than ONSITE
  • Permissions - Pem Menu Billing is not returned in the permission list
  • Commission - First booking does not contain a commission
  • GET Commission doesn't work
  • Wrong agent ID when sending the booking from the device to TourCMS
  • Checkin - Error trying to insert the check-in in bwh table
  • Capacity from Palisis to TourCMS is not syncing correctly leading to deactivations on GYG
  • Invoicing is failing to create the PDFs
  • ExternalVoucherBlockService get too slow for big customers
  • The operationLine Config is denied by the partner
  • PdfServer - Allow convert full page instead single HTML
  • Palisis Backoffice Login Page: 2Factor input type is not numeric
  • Non-failing compile error in Widget & Desktop
  • Login Page - Wrong characters in language dropdown
  • Start issues Java 11 due to dependencies
  • PDF sending failing in Java11 tomcat 9
  • Don't uncollapse PERM_MENU_ALL if already given to the user
  • Compilation after Lombok introduction not working
  • CrossUp - Post service should return the object created
  • Palisis billing invoice still contains the old address
  • 2Factor numeric difficult to read because of stepper arrows
  • VCC change ShippingtypeID 5 to 1
  • Bundle price plans are changed for the same group of Bundles
  • VCC is getting AVS 500 for bookings coming from TourCMS
  • Device API PartnerPermission query issue for groups
  • Vienna City Card sending multi quantity not being able to split external references again to bookingentries
  • Origum SE Blackbox JAXB-API classpath
  • Slow Queries fixable by Index 2
  • Reports sent at 00:00 shows previous-day data and not current-day data
  • Java 11 Daily Sales Report Hibernate Transaction
  • Boxoffice - Send email in reservation fails
  • null id in com.palisis.pit.server.domain.external.ExternalReferenceId entry
  • Add parallel request throttle for all reporting services
  • TE - List Tours Endpoint
  • TE - Import Notify Endpoint
  • TE - Get Tour Facets service
  • AVS VCC - Improvement process
  • Boxoffice - Error 500 when Check Availability in Tourcms is active
  • OldPDF is not working correctly
  • OldPDF is still not working correctly