Release Notes - Palisis Server - Palisis v4.61.2, v4.61.3, v4.61.4, v4.61.5 and v4.61.6

Blanca Castillo
Blanca Castillo
  • Updated


  • Marketpay Menu in new Administration sub menu
  • Preparation for the new reporting page on the new back office - Report Tiles
  • Email token customer name and customer email

We've developed two new email tokens to individually display the customer's name and email address.

For more information about this feature, please visit our support article here.




  • Best Practice Report - Commission -addition partner for partner
  • Palisis Webshop refinements

We have added some usability improvements in order to offer a better self service experience.

  • Check availability against TourCMS using the agent credentials

Until now, Palisis has consistently employed the 'Palisis Distribution' agent to verify availability against TourCMS. Now, it is possible to verify availability using a different agent in order to obtain accurate availability responses for that particular agent.

For more information about TourCMS upstream, please visit our support article here.



  • Partner permissions are deleted when trying to delete a partner permission group
  • Some permissions bugs
  • Nullpointer Exception in Desktop for new year with active capacity show
  • Scheduled reports sent in a loop during DST change to wintertime
  • Cash settlement amounts with other currencies are wrong in device printing
  • Prebookings List - Problem with wrong list data