How Palisis creates/updates departures and prices in TourCMS (new design)

Blanca Castillo
Blanca Castillo
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Where can I find it?

Setup > Products & Services > Products > Edit



What does it mean?

In this article, you'll discover how a price change in Palisis automatically updates TourCMS prices for existing departures. For departures that don't exist yet, they're generated based on the timetable and prices in Palisis.

This feature enables you to create departure schedules and prices solely in Palisis. The system then replicates these changes in TourCMS, eliminating the need to input the same information in both systems. Say goodbye to duplicating dates across platforms and welcome the efficiency of synchronized updates between Palisis and TourCMS!

If a calendar event is closed or removed in Palisis, it will also be closed in TourCMS. Consequently, both systems will offer the same availability and prices since they are synchronized.

Note: This process is asynchronous, meaning it does not trigger the sync simultaneously.


What should I do?

This functionality is based on the following main assumptions that must be met. In case of the contrary, the automatic update will fail:

  • The tour is properly created in TourCMS except for the ‘DATES & PRICES’ tab.

  • The product is created in Palisis with a capacity template, Route, Calendar (Timetable) and Prices.

  • The product has the settings "Sync capacity to TourCMS " and "Sync price to TourCMS" enabled, and it also has a capacity template assigned. Please note that if you want to sync price to TourCMS then you have to select both checkboxes, however, if you only want to sync the capacity, you only need to select the option "Sync capacity to TourCMS".


  • The tour in TourCMS and the product in Palisis share identical event times. Please be aware that this feature will not function if there are discrepancies between the event and departure times.

Calendar > Timetable in Palisis:


Departures in TourCMS:


Best practices for an initial setup

For the initial setup, kindly follow the steps outlined below to prevent inconsistencies between TourCMS and Palisis:

  • No departures in TourCMS. It means that ‘DATES & PRICES’ is empty for future departures.

  • Create the Product, Route and Prices in Palisis.

  • Turn on the Sync switches in Palisis.

  • Enter the mapping in Palisis. Please visit the support article ‘How to map between TourCMS and Palisis’ to learn the process.

  • Finally, create the Calendar (Timetable) in Palisis for that product. It will trigger the creation of departures in TourCMS according to the mapping.

Please keep mind that a change in the mapping or in the calendar (timetable) will affect the synchronization.