Release Notes - Palisis Server - Palisis v4.60.6

Blanca Castillo
Blanca Castillo
  • Updated


  • Send reservation confirmation in boxoffice without payment link. Learn more about it in this support article.
  • Best Practice Report - Commission - Extension
  • Partner needs multiple Wildcard External Voucher blocks as long as they have a pattern. Assigning more than one external voucher block type ‘wildcard’ with a pattern for the same partner is possible. So, the device will recognize multiple patterns of external vouchers for the same partner.  Learn more about it in this support article.



  • Boxoffice passenger data search deduplication. Duplicated passengers are not returned in the BoxOffice passenger data search. Learn more about it in this support article.



  • TimeoutException error in Marketpay from BackOffice
  • Jump back on the static page after a successful booking
  • Fix negative special permissions
  • The E-Mail Template for TourCMS bookings is not sent correctly.
  • The flyer discount doesn´t apply when you buy a bundle.
  • googleMapsApiKey not returned in pitInitData
  • DateTimeOption.PICKUPPOINT missing departures 3 months into the future
  • Getting error "Message: text" while creating timetable season in new frontend
  • Self-Service: The Bundle Back button does not go back to the start screen
  • Flyer discount barcode download with HTTPS
  • Refund - Refund in Mandated booking is not allowed
  • /events service returning totalAvailableSeats: 0 when no capacity template is assigned
  • SSR- Change date and Availability issue