Here you can overwrite almost every single label that we have in the Palisis Webshop. Keep in mind, that you have to do this in every language.

In the bottom you can see an example webshop. Originally this webshop was in german, so everything that is in english in the webshop has been renamed. This gives you an idea of what is possible.

If you would like to know how to rephrase a certain label you should check the pictures of the website in the bottom. Then use "CTRL + F" to look for it in the written part.

Later on we will sort this by putting numbers in the pictures, but we're currently rebuilding the order of the labels it doesn't make much sense at the moment. We hope you understand this. Your Palisis Team.


1.    Action Order: Buy Now

2.    Action Remove item from basket: Lose It

3.    Pickup-Label: Where to get me

4.    Terms & Conditions-Label: Conditions

5.    Legal Info/Config (HTML allowed): Legal Information

6.    Discounted Label: DISCOUNT

7.    Sub Label: SUBTOTAL

8.    Upsell / Price-Info Text (Token $price): FOR ONLY $price

9.    Upsell / More-Intro Text (Token $bg): Beautiful Tour

10.    Upsell / More-Prefix: asdfa

11.    Upsell / Action: Switch to Offer

12.    Date label: Date of Travel

13.    Date/Time label: Date & Time of Travel

14.    Select Date: Choose a Date

15.    Select Date/Time: Choose Date & Time of Travel

16.    Departure time label: Departure Time

17.    Label Tickets Price: Price for one Ticket

18.    Label Tickets: Billete

19.    Label Ticket: Billet

20.    Label Email: Please confirm your Email

21.    Label Email Confirm: Please confirm your Email

22.    Label Name: Enter your name

23.    Label Phone: Enter your mobile number

24.    Label Comment: Would you like to add any comments?

25.    Label Personal: The following will be displayed on the ticket

26.    Label Payment: Please choose out of the following payment methods:

27.    Label Method: Payment methods supported by Palisis:

28.    Label Confirm Line (token $amount): The Following amount will be billed to your Credit Card $amount

29.    Label Confirm Line Mobile (token $amount): The Following amount will be billed to your Credit Card $amount

30.    Label Card Number: Please insert your credit card number

31.    Label Card Holder: Please insert the Name of the card holder

32.    Label Card Holder: Choose the expiration date of the card

33.    Label Cvc: Please insert the CVC code

34.    Label Terms Check: Please read the terms and if you agree accept them

35.    Label Mandatory: Fields marked with a star are mandatory

36.    Label Error Input: Please check the confirmation of your email

37.    Label Error Input Email Confirm: Please check the confirmation of your email

38.    Label Ok Input: Dont know what this is supposed to be!

39.    Label Booking Failed: Somehow the booking failed

40.    Label Processing: We're processing your order

41.    Label Download Heading: You can download your tickets here!

42.    Label Uid: This is your Booking ID:

43.    Label Care Email: The Tickets have been sent to the following mail adress

44.    Label Care Tel: Incase you have any further questions you can always call us

45.    Label Claim Heading: Your previous bookings

46.    Label Claim Remark: In Order to take a look at your previous bookings you need to enter your email adress and we will send you a link that will forward you to all your bookings.

47.    Label Adobe: In order to open the tickets you need to have adobe flashplayer

48.    Label Download Action: You can download your tickets here

49.    Label Claim Action: Click here to take a look at your bookings

50.    Label Claim Success Remark: If we have your mail in our databank you will receive further instructions

51.    Label Claim Spam Remark: If you havn't received any mail please check your spam folder or get in touch with our support!

52.    Label Claim Email Remark: We need the mail adress with which you made your bookings

53.    Label VAT: VAT is included

54.    Label Offered By: Provided by:

55.    Label Book: Book Now!

56.    Label Featured: FOR ONLY

57.    Label From: Contains Tickets from the following Priceplans

58.    Label My Orders: Your previous bookings

59.    Label Cancel Back To Offers: Cancel go back to all offers

60.    Label Back: Press here to look at other offers

61.    Label Continue Action: Continue to the next step

62.    Label Choose Another Date: Further available dates

63.    Label Available: Also Available

64.    Label Select Ticket: Tickets you can choose from

65.    Label Total: Total Price

66.    Label Pickup Not Specified: Currently no pickup selected

67.    Label Add To Cart: Add these tickets to the cart

68.    Label Cart: Current Items in the cart

69.    Label Continue Shopping: Proceed with shopping

70.    Label Checkout: Proceed to Checkout

71.    Label Back To Offers: Press here to look at other offers

72.    Label Success Download Back To Offers:

73.    Label Promo:

74.    Label Apply: This promo code is invalid

75.    Label Promo Invalid: Press here to apply

76.    Label Select Ticket Multi (token $priceplan): Tickets you can choose from

77.    Label Steps (token $stepX $stepTotal): You're currently at step $stepX of total $stepTotal steps

78.    Label Out of Duty:

79.    Label Claim Error Expired:

80.    Label PayPal only:

81.    Additional Footer Link (URL): https://pablito.palisis.com/

82.    Additional Footer Link: Additional Link





























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