Layout & Color

Body background: The primary color of your shop.


Primary widget foreground: The color of the text in the booking button.  


Primary widget background: The color of of the background in the booking button.


Primary foreground: The color of the “Description” & “Waypoints” text.


Book button text shadow: The color of the shadow from text in the book now button.


Offer title foreground color: The color of the title in the offer tile (desktop shop).


Upsell Action background:  The color of the Upsell button.


Upsell Action foreground: The color of the text in the Upsell button.


Offer title font-size: How big should the title be in the widget.


Border Radius Main (px): Do you want your widgets to have corners or (choose = 1) or curves (choose = 80)


Day of week abbrev. 2 character: It is possible to have 2 or 3 letters when at the week day selection. Either MO / TU / WE or MON / TUE / WED. This helps to keep a narrow layout and is only available in English.








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