Force locale (Locale code e.g. "en"-English): Normally the shop will adjust the language to the IP adress from the customer. If you enter en i.e. the shop will always be displayed in english no matter the IP (this does not work for iFrame).


Remove Locale from Header (List of codes e.g. "es,fr,it"): You can remove languages from the header, you must use the short cut.


List of Languages e.g. en=English,de=Deutsch,...:  You can add certain languages. But only languages which are assisted by the Palisis System.


Logo centered: Should the logo be in the center or not. Per default the logo is centered.


Logo hidden: You can hide the Logo in your Webshop. This makes sence if you integrate the shop via iFrame.


Lang link is hidden: If enabled, all language links in the top right corner are hidden.


Claim link is hidden:  If enabled, the “My orders” button on the top of your website will be hidden (next to the language selection).


Contact is hidden: If enabled, the contact information in the bottom left corner is hidden.


Owner TOC is hidden: If enabled, the Terms and Condition link in the bottom right corner is hidden.


Replace TOC with claim: In Webshop user interface, replace bottom right “Terms & Conditions” link with link to “My Orders”


Logo width 100%: The logo will use the whole width.


Booking prime-cancel hidden: Hide the prime-cancel button (= “step back” button) next to the continue button.


Booking indicator-cancel hidden: Hide the indicator-cancel button (= “cancel this process and go back to offer” button) on top of the booking tile.


Booking indicator hidden: Hide the whole indicator on top of the booking tile.


Basket-handle hidden: Hide the basket-handle, this is the button that will appear in the top right corner, as soon as the customer puts an offer in the basket.


Store and publish basket: This is only important if you use iFrame integration.


Step back: Here you can disable the “step back” function for the booking process.


Step back (first screen): Disable the “step back” function for the first booking step.


Continue shopping in basket: Disable the “continue shopping” option when the customer is in the basket.

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