Time table

Timetable show upcoming: Should the next few upcoming events be displayed or not.


Timetable upcoming value: How many upcoming events should be displayed.


Timetable auto upcoming if few events: If there are less then 3 events in the next 3 months the timetable will show automatically.


Timetable if few treshold: You can choose the threshold from when the whole timetable should be displayed.


Date-time option: You have different possibilities here, either none, date or date-time.

  • None: The customer is unable to choose anything. The Palisis system will automatically choose the next available event.
  • Date: The customer is able to choose the date, on which he wants to take the tour.
  • Date-Time: The customer is able to choose the date and the exact time of the event.

You can choose this for every offer seperatly -> see “Single Offer options”.

Event preload (month): How many months ahead customers can book a tour online. If you enter 12, customers can book the tour 12 months into the future.


If you'd like to have more information on these subjects or if something is unclear please send us your requests to pablo.moser@palisis.com

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