Sales Configuration

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Pablo Moser
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Where do I find it?

Configuration > Sales Channels > Sales Configuration


What does it mean?

Apple Passbook: Here you can adjust if the customer can transfer the tickets into their apple passbook. Per default the customer can transfer the tickets.


Apple Passbook exclude list: If there are certain tickets for which you want to enable the apple passbook you can do this here.


Print Payment Account: If there is an entry on the boxoffice ticket which payment method was used.



Price plan filter on time table on Boxoffice: Which price plan should be used. If you book in 2015 a tour in 2016 that have different price plans. Which one should be used?

No: The price plan from the moment of booking used. You book in 2015, so this price plan is used.

Yes: The price plan from the moment when you booked the tour is used. You book a tour in 2016, so this price plan is used.



Labels: You can change the text for VAT and VAT content on the tickets. In Canada  VAT is called GST for example or MwSt. in Germany.



Calendar Setup: Do you want the customers to be able to choose date & time or only the date/time.



Boxoffice settings:

Boxoffice Print Notes On PDF (Default Value): If enabled, the notes are printed on the PDF ticket.

Boxoffice Ticket Selection with Plus and Minus buttons: by default it's disabled. If enabled, the button to select the number of passengers or tickets are like this:


Boxoffice Simple Date Picker Rendering: If it's enabled, it only shows the current month in the calendar.

Boxoffice Add Basket And Jump to Checkout Button: by default it's disabled, if it's enabled, there is a "Proceed" button on the booking screen to go directly to the checkout page.


New PDF Ticket settings:


Show optional NEW PDF Layout(beta) : if enabled, it shows the option to download the new PDF ticket.

Use NEW PDF Layout(beta): if enabled, the system uses the new PDF (the old one it's not an option).