Where do I find it?

Reports & Analysis > Pre-Bookings

What does it mean?

In this feature you can check all pre-bookings. As long as you have not selected anything it will show you the next 35 tours. Or you can choose a certain route then pick a date and at last select an event on that date, this will show you more detailed informations about this event. It will show you the seat categorys on that event, the usage and the utilisation in percentage points.

If you scroll further down you can look at the passenger list. This can be helpful if you have installed a pick-up routes. You can print this list and hand it out to your driver. This way your driver knows how many people he has to pick up at each point.

Further you can look at the booking sources and the booking platforms. This way you know if you or your partners mainly booked this event, and from which platform it was booked (Device, Online, Box Office or some external selling platform).

What should I do?

This can help you a lot if you have certain events with capacity management. If these events are fully booked you could sign in another bus for this particular event, this way more people are able to book the tour. Or this feature can simply help you to optimize your schedule.



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