Where do I find it?

Reports & Analysis > Freestyle

What does it mean?

This feature is the most important tool for your reporting departement. You can select between different options and the palisis software will make an excel sheet. If you do not select anything the freestyle report will produce a report about your whole day-to-day buisness in a certain timespan (default setting is the actual day form 0 to 24).

This tool is pretty much self-explanatory, if you want a report for a specific tour or how many adult tickets you sold in a specific timespan you simply have to select the corresponding variable in the category. You can select from these different categories:

  • Business Units: Report about a Business Unit.
  • Operation Line: Report about a Operation Line.
  • Route: Report about a certain Route (e.g. if you have different hop-on hop-off tours you can select a specific tour here).
  • Price Plan: Report about just one Price Plan ( a certain ticket, e.g. if you have 24h and 48h tickets for your sightseeing tour).
  • Product Category: Report about a specific Product Category.
  • Sales User: Report about one particular sales user.
  • Seat category: Report about a specific seat category.
  • Passenger Category: Report about a specific passenger category.
  • Waypoint: If you want to know at which waypoint you make the most sales, you can generate a report for each waypoint.
  • Product: Report about a specific product.
  • Time Range: Select the timespan you want to look at.

What should I do?

Palisis developed this tool mainly for the accountant’s departement, we recommend that your accountant’s team uses these reports. They are the most detailed reports we have in our system.



Example for a Excelsheet


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