"At a glance"

Where do I find it?

Reports & Analysis > At a glance

What does it mean?

This feature gives you an overview of all your revenue/earnings or passengers:

At a glance shows you your revenue/earnings and amount of passengers split in many different ways. The first thing you can select is the timespan (You can either select a day, week, month or year). Further you can select a certain sales user, an operation line or a waypoint, this way you can look up the revenue etc. sorted after these units.

If you scroll down the page. You can look up the revenue/earningns and amount of passengers devided up after buisness unit and operation line, products and the commission you got through selling tours for your partners.

Underneath there are two diagramms:

  1. The one on the left shows how many of your sold tickets were sold by you and how many by your partners. You can also switch to “Device vs Online vs Box Office vs API”, the diagramm will then show you how much revenue made, split up by the device, online sells, box office and API.
  2. The one on the right shows which payment method was used.

If you scroll down even further you can load data for:

  • Priceplan / Passenger Category: Split up after your Priceplan (different offers) and Passenger Category.
  • Passenger Category / Priceplan: Same data split up in reverse order.
  • Pcriceplan / Seat Category:Split up after your Priceplan (different offers) and Seat Category.
  • Seat Category / Priceplan: Same data split up in reverse order.

What should I do?

If you want a quick overview about your revenue/earnings and amount of passengers, have a look in this feature. This is mainly a feature for your overwiev and not a proper reporting tool.







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