How to configure "Bundles"?

Where do I find it?

Configuration > Bundles > Bundles

What does it mean?

What are bundles for? With bundles you have the possibility to either create roundtrips or combo tickets with two tours (or even a tour and a product).

First you need to create a group which you need to name, describe and choose a primary route if you want (no need for the last point). Then you click on the created group and choose “New Bundle” to create a new bundle.

  • Name: Enter the name of your bundle (it is important to know that you can create bundles with the same name outside of the groups but not within the groups).
  • Code: Short form for the bundle.
  • Description: Describe your bundle
  • Transport/Product: Choose which products you want to bundle with each other. If you want to bundle a tour you first need to choose the operation line, then which priceplan and in a final step you should decide which passenger category.

And if you have a Palisis WebSop you need to fill in a name for the bundle in the WebShop too.

Now you should add the products or the tours you want in the bundle. For round way trips Palisis recommends that you create different operation lines, one for the forward run and one for the way back. Then you click on the “timetable-offset (min)” button next to selected route, there you can decide how the datetime selection should be handled.

There are different categories, either:

  • None: No date / time selecction
  • Date: Only date selection
  • Datetime: Date & time selection
  • Select manually: Is the customer able to choose the datetime manually or should the system automatically choose the next available event
  • Timetable-offset (min): Needs to be edited, until then please ask our support team.

Our system follows certain rules and it is important to know, that we have priorities concerning the date / time selection. The date / time selection in the bundles is overwritten by the general date / time selection of the desktop WebShop and these general settings are overwritten by the specific date / time selection of a single tour / bundle in the dektop WebShop settings.

What should I do?

Decide if and what kind of bundels you want to offer and then enter the needed information.




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