How to configure "Flyer Discounts"?

Where do I find it?

Configuration > Transportation > Calculated Discounts

What does it mean?

In this section you can create discounts that are not related to any groupsize and these discounts will not be automatically deducted. These are discounts which you can print out and give to your street sellers or put in newspaper.

  • Name: Enter the name of the discount.
  • Code: Enter the short form for the discount.
  • Status: Decide if you want the discount to be active or not.
  • Validity Purchase:
  • Validity Usage:
  • Discount: You need to decide if you want the discount to be fix percentage points or from you determined amount of money that gets discounted.
  • Description: Describe the discount.
  • Weight trigger: how many people need to buy a ticket for the discount to be active (triggered).
  • Applied to: You want the discount to be applied to every operation line or business unit

What should I do?

If your company wants to hand out small dicounts which your street sellers can use, you must fill in all the needed information here. After you filled in all the needed information in this section you can generate the code (with the needed information for the QR-Code) in the section “Barcode”, but this will be explained in the specific section.




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