How to configure "Calculated Discounts"?

Where do I find it?

Configuration > Transportation > Calculated Discounts

What does it mean?

In this section you can enter automatically calculated discounts. So if you want to offer a quantity dicount to your customers then you can enter it here.

  • Name: Enter the name of the discount
  • Code: Enter the short form for the discount
  • Status:  Decide if you want the discount to be active or not
  • Validity Purchase:
  • Validity Usage:
  • Discount: You need to decide if you want the discount to be fix percentage points or a from you determined amount of money that gets discounted. Important: The discount counts for a booking as a whole and is not per ticket (if you have a fix amount discounted it does’t matter if xy adults bought aticket ore xy children, the deducted amount will be the same).
  • Description: Describe the discount.
  • Weight trigger: how many people need to buy a ticket for the discount to be active (triggered).
  • Applied to: You want the discount to be applied to every operation line or buisness unit

What should I do?

If your company offers any discounts to your customers fill in all the needed information about the discounts you offer.




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