How to configure "Online-Shop Widgets"?

It is the same principle for bundles and for single tours.

Where do I find it?

Configuration > Transportation / Products > Online-Shop Configuration
What does it mean?

This is a functionallity  with which you can easily process Internet sales. For either yourself or your partners.

If you want to integrate a Widget into a website there are 3 different possibilities:

  1. You can integrate a "book" button into your website. If you click on the button you will be forwarded to the booking widget, which is an own site. This method is called directlink. For this method you need to use the following link. directlink.PNG
  2. Via Java Script. You can integrate our Java code into your website code. It is a similar method to the iFrame method except that it is easier to integrate and the website is pushed into the background and becomes black.                                                                                                                                                       Java script.PNG
  3. The last method is the iFrame method. It is the nicest and cleanest method, Palisis recommends to use this method if possible. This is a HTML code

Now to the different points that you can adjust.


What should I do?

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