How to configure "Priceplan"?

Where do I find it?

Configuration > Transportation > Priceplan

What does it mean?

In this section you can enter how much your ticket costs. Decide which one of your designed ticket-layouts you want to use and for how long and how many times a ticket is valid for. It is possible to create multiple priceplans for one operation line (for example a 24h ticket and a 48h ticket for hop-on hop-off tours).

  • Name: Decide what you want to call the priceplan (as shown on the Palisis Device)
  • 2nd Name: Use the same name (WebShop Name).
  • VAT Rate: Choose the VAT rate
  • Date range: From when this priceplan will be visible on terminal and for how long.
  • Validity: Date range - Enter for how long the ticket is valid, it will selectable on the device until that date (device, BackOffice & Webshop). And if it can be used multiple times.
  • Ticket layouts: Assign the ticket layout you want to use for the priceplan. You can assign multiple layouts to one priceplan (for example assign different layouts for an adult and a child ticket
  • And last but no least you must enter a price for the tickets. You can assign two different prices for onsite and online sales (onsite = terminal & BoxOffice / online = WebShop).

What should I do?

You should enter all the needed information and if you have an operation line with multiple priceplans then you need to make different priceplans for the same line (for example you sell a ticket that is valid for 48 hours and one that is valid for 24 hours)


The blue priceplans are valid, the red priceplan has expired



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