How to configure "Routes"?

Where do I find it?

Configuration > Transportation > Routes

What does it mean?

Routes is where you define the different waypoints for all the offered tours of your buisness. First you enter the name of the tour then a small description and the code for the tour. When you have done this you should assign the tour to a operation line. Further you can decide what about this tour should be on the WebShop and how things should look like. After that you need to assign the waypoints to each one of the created tour.

What should I do?

Fill in the necessary information about the tour. Also fill out the informations for the WebShop. As an example if you would like to have a picture next to the tour in your WebShop you can add one here. And at last you can submit the waypoints to the route, click on the button with two dots and add the waypoints by drag & drop.








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