How to configure "Operation Lines"?

Where do I find it?

Configuration > Transportation > Operation Lines

What does it mean?

This feature is the first step to displaying your offers properly and well arranged. Here you need to set up which tours your company offers. As an example you have an Airport Shuttle and also Daytour, they both run under the Business unit “Bus” but are completely different tours . In this feature you can deferentiate between the two and make two different operation lines, with an own timetable etc..

  • Name: Enter the Name of your tour (Pub Tour etc.).
  • Description (This is a default  description for the WebShop or in generall if you do not have description for every language it will always use this one): Enter what your offered tour is all about.
  • Code: Enter a Code (Short Form of the Tourname).
  • Notification (E-Mail): Enter a mail adress if you want to be informed whenever a customer books a tour.
  • Receipt-Layout: Which one of your created receipt layouts should be printed.
  • Business Unit: To which business unit this tour belongs.
  • Capacity Templates: Which capacity template you want to assign to the tour.
  • Pick-up route: Decide which one of your previous created pick-up routes is the one used for this tour.
  • VAT Rate: The VAT Rate should already be set. But if there is a special rate that only applies on this operation line you could set that here.


What should I do?

Fill in all the needed informations for your tour.


 Operation Lines.PNG


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