How to configure "Online-Shop (Desktop)"? Part 1

Where do I find it?

Configuration > Sales Channels > Online-Shop (Desktop)

What does it mean?

Under Online-Shop (Dektop) you can create your own customized webshop, under a Palisis subdomain. You then have the possiblity to integrate this desktop webshop into your homepage with different ways of integration (directlink, iframe, API etc.). Either you have an own top level domain (this needs to be bought) or you use a Palisis sub domain. Next you should choose the logo which you want to be shown in the WebShop. And then decide which tours should be available in your WebShop.


What should I do?

Create a domain (sub or top level domain). Sub domain is a domain which is provided by palisis and always has a at the end (for example A top level domain is your domain which you own. Choose a logo and decide which tours you want to be displayed on the WebShop (per Drag and Drop). The rest will be explained in part 2 & 3




Online-Shop (Desktop) Offers.PNG


Next to the offers you can click on the gear-wheel and another menu pops up. In this menu you can make specific changes related to only this tour:


  • Hide Offer: Do you want the customer to be able to book this tour or not.
  • Date-time option:  You can enable the customer to see date/time selection just the date or nothing
  • Blackout event (in minutes):
  • Pick-up hidden: Should the pick-up selection be displayed for this route.
  • Waypoint hidden: Shoud the waypoints be displayed for this route.
  • Offer description label: You can rename the label for the offer description
  • Waypoint label: You can rename the label for the waypoints
  • Timetable label: You can rename the label for the timetables
  • Waypoints: You can enter a description instead of waypoints
  • Timetable: Same for the timetable


  • TripAdvisor-Link: Enter a link to TripAdvisor, that way your customer can look up feedbacks for your tour with one click.
  • Route Upsell (Enter r-code):
  • Upsell / Action:
  • Upsell / Price-Info Text (Token $price):
  • Upsell / More-Intro Text (Token $bg):


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