How to configure "Business Units"?

Blanca Castillo
Blanca Castillo
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Where do I find it?

Configuration > Business Data > Business Units


What does it mean?

Business Units are the different departments operating within your company. For example: Some companies offer walking tours, bike tours and bus tours - which would then become three separate Business Units. It is mandatory that you assign an internal code for each Business Unit (between 1 and 8 characters). For example Berlin Bus Company becomes B-BUS. The description field is optional if you want to add more details for identification.


What should I do?

Enter all the business units of your company. You need at least one business unit in order to use the entire system. Choose an appropriate code for the business unit. It is not mandatory to fill out the description, though it might be helpful to add some more details for identification.



Please, keep in mind, that for each business unit, you can have different VAT numbers. You can configure the VAT numbers going to Configuration > Business Data > VAT numbers.