Home Screen Explanation

Where do I find it?

If you are entitled to, it will be the first screen you see when you enter the *BackOffice*

What does it mean?

On this site you can look up your revenue, earnings (revenue minus the commission which you pay to your partners) and the amount of passenger which have checked in on your tours. Also you can switch between the different sections  which you need for further adjustments and informations. In the top right corner you have different options. Starting form the right corner: "logout", "account switch", "contact information of your corporation", "your name", "boxoffice", "suppport" and "timezone". All these points will be discussed in a seperate section.

What should I do?

As mentioned before you can look up your daily revenue, earnings or amount of passenger splited up by hours. Further you can check which of your sales agents makes how much revenue. And your upcoming events, with date and time , route name and if you have a capacity management it will also show you the degree of capacity utilisation. And at last your latest sales.

You can switch between the sections “Home”, “Configuration”, “Operation”, Cash Manegement”, “Partnering” and “Reports & Analysis”.





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