How to configure "Ticket Layouts"?

Where do I find it?

Configuration > Business Data > Ticket-Layouts

What does it mean?

Ticket-Layouts define what your printed ticket looks like. You can design your customized tickets. There are eight different subcategories: Text, Picture, Barcode, VAT, Tickets, Total, Seperator and External Ref..

  • Text: Enter all the relevant information you want on your ticket.



  • Explanation of the tokens to the right (you can insert them into the layout and they will automatically write the corresponding information on the layout:
  1. First Name: First Name of the logged in seller
  2. Last Name: Last Name of the logged in seller
  3. Staff-ID: Automatically generated ID from the Palisis System
  4. Date: Date on which you sold the the ticket
  5. Time: Time, when the ticket got sold
  6. Waypoint: Waypoint, on which the ticket was sold
  7. Vaild until: Until when the ticket is valid (time and date)(only works if selling time is also checkin time)
  8. Valid for: For how long the ticket is valid (in hours)
  9. Selected event date: Date of the event your customer bought a ticket for
  10. Selected event time: Time of the event your customer bought a ticket for
  11. Payment Account: Which Payment did the customer use (Cash, Credit Card, Voucher)
  12. Ticket Number: Every ticket has an own number (helps alot if you need to look a ticket up in your palisis system (if a customer wants a refund for a ticket))
  13. Receipt Number: Every receipt has an own number
  • Picture: You can put your logo on the ticket or any other picture (IMPORTANT: is has to be monochrom bitmap (1-bit) and max 380 pixel width).

Picture Token.PNG

  • Barcode: This token is necessary on the ticket if you want to check the validity of the ticket. It is generated by our system automatically.


  • VAT: VAT Number which you entered earlier plus the VAT Rate printed in the ticket.


  • Tickets: All the information regarding what kind of ticket your customers bought.


  • Total: Total price


  • Seperator: Seperates the different section and helps you to keep a clean layout..


  • External Ref:



What should I do?

Design your tickets the way you want them to look like.





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