How to configure "Ticket Layouts"?

Blanca Castillo
Blanca Castillo
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Where do I find it?

Configuration > Business Data > Ticket-Layouts


What does it mean?

Ticket-Layouts define what your printed ticket looks like. You can design your customized tickets. There are nine different subcategories: Text, Picture, Barcode, VAT, Tickets, Total, Separator, External Ref. and Foreign UID.

  • Text: Enter all the relevant information you want on your ticket.



  • Explanation of the tokens to the right (you can insert them into the layout and they will automatically write the corresponding information on the layout:
  1. First Name: First Name of the logged in seller
  2. Last Name: Last Name of the logged in seller
  3. Staff-ID: Automatically generated ID from the Palisis System
  4. Date: Date on which you sold the the ticket
  5. Time: Time, when the ticket got sold
  6. Waypoint: Waypoint, on which the ticket was sold
  7. Vaild until: Until when the ticket is valid (time and date)(only works if selling time is also checkin time)
  8. Valid for: For how long the ticket is valid (in hours)
  9. Selected event date: Date of the event your customer bought a ticket for
  10. Selected event time: Time of the event your customer bought a ticket for
  11. Payment Account: Which Payment did the customer use (Cash, Credit Card, Voucher)
  12. Ticket Number: Every ticket has an own number (helps alot if you need to look a ticket up in your palisis system (if a customer wants a refund for a ticket))
  13. Receipt Number: Every receipt has an own number
  • Picture: You can put your logo on the ticket or any other picture (IMPORTANT: it has to be a monochrome bitmap (1-bit) and max 380-pixel width).

Picture Token.PNG

  • Barcode: This token is necessary on the ticket if you want to check the validity of the ticket. It is generated by our system automatically.


  • VAT: VAT Number which you entered earlier plus the VAT Rate printed in the ticket.


  • Tickets: All the information regarding what kind of ticket your customers bought.


  • Total: Total price


  • Separator: Separates the different sections and helps you to keep a clean layout.


  • External Ref: It takes a reference from the list of external batches reference and it prints it on the ticket.


  • Foreign UID: In case you have an integration in place with an external subsystem, it takes the reference coming from the subsystem and it prints it on the ticket.



What should I do?

To create a new ticket layout just enter the code (the name of the ticket layout), the description is useful to help you to identify the ticket and also the type: 

  • Thermo: for the standard printers. The handheld devices like Pidion or STM have this type of printer.
  • Boca: if you are going to use an external boca lemur printer.


After that, you need to click on the two points buttons in order to add the details. And once this is done, you can design your tickets the way you want them to look like.




You can find all the other tokens are the same as in voucher and receipt layouts and you can also use some additional non-standard tokens mentioned in this list.