How to Login into your BackOffice

Where do I find it?

First thing you will see when you enter the domain (

What does it mean?

On this page you can login with your personal account information which you should have received from our technician or from your supervisor. Further you can select the language in which the backoffice should be displayed. In case you forgot your password you can also request a new password.

What should I do?

Insert your login information and select the language,after this you can enter the BackOffice. In case you forgot your password click on the button in the bottom left corner, insert your mail adress and our system will automatically send you an instruction on how to reset your password (if you do not get an e-mail always check your spam folder first).


Login.PNG               Forgot_Password.PNG


Login Screen                                                                                                      Reset your password




This is the mail you receive when you want to reset your password

Before you contact Palisis about the this please check your spam folder first. Since you almost never receive mails from "" your provider might automatically mark these mails as spam.

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