Pairing Credit-Card PinPad's

You need a barcode to pair your Pin-Pad to the Ticket-Terminal. Normally the barcodes are on the back of the Pin-Pad. If they are not, the barcodes to pair a PinPad are really easy to create: You can request it over support, but it might be faster for you to create them yourself when you need one:

As you can see below the barcode is just a string containing an identifier (C00400) which is always the same. And then there is a list of 2 elements in "quotes".
The first is the "Name-Serial" of the Pin Pad (PosMate-20001234) which you can find on the backside and second the pin you entered for pairing on the pinpad (1243).

The full string looks like this: C00400["PosMate-20001234","1243"]

You can create a Barcode from that string by just using a free barcode creator: We're normally using the searchengine where i just enter "qr", space and the barcode string I've generated.


( is a search engine which is not tracking its users. The barcode doesn't contain sensitive information as the chosen Pairing Key "1243" is only valid while the Pin Pad is in Bluetooth pairing mode.)

Pairing instructions are as follows
On the chip & PIN pad
1. Press Yellow button
2. Data Bearer - OK
3. Supervisor pin 8497 – OK
4. Bluetooth - OK
5. 1243 - OK
6. When the chip & PIN Pad says “Bluetooth Pair Device” you can pair it with the Ticketing device

On The Ticketing Device (After step 1-6)
7. Scan the barcode in "Start Ticketing" view and wait a minute to finish the pairing
8. press the red X button on the Pin Pad and you'll see "Pin Pad paired successfully"

The Barcodes are not bound to one Ticketing Terminal but to the Pin Pad. They don't change if you want to pair it with another Terminal.

Please be carefull with pairing a Pin Pad with more than one Ticketing Terminal. If you pair one Pin Pad with a second Terminal you will need to pair it again with the first Terminal if you want to use it again. Even if you have access to the operating system and can see that is is still paired. The encryption has been changed on the Pin Pad and it doesn't know about the first terminal anymore.

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