Getting Started with Ticket-Terminal

Marc Wieland
Marc Wieland
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Installing the device

1. Charge the device

2. Insert the SIM-Card and activate internet connection (set the correct APN-setting)

3. Inserting and changing the thermal paper


Start the Ticketing software

Once you followed the initial 3 steps you should be able to start your Ticket-Terminal software for the first time. Therefore please press the button "Start Ticketing" in the bottom of the screen. In case everything works you will be presented with the available Sales Users.

In case there are no Sales Users presented:

  • You must be connected to the internet, otherwise you will encounter problems, in this case repeat point 2 and check the Troubleshooting section. 
  • You must have at least one Sales-User (in Business Data/User Management) configured in the Back-Office

Please choose one and log in with the corresponding PIN. Consequently the initial update of the device with configured data of the Back-Office will take place. In case there are problems with the initial update it can be that

  • you lost internet connection during the update (then please go back (red cross) and restart the procedure
  • there is a missconfiguration on the Back-Office



Calibrating the screen

Perform a Screen calibration