How to solve Internet connection issues in your Windows devices

Marc Wieland
Marc Wieland
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How to insert the SIM card

In order to work with the Ticket-Terminal you need a valid SIM-Card (Regular, not mini, not micro) with the appropriate contract including an adequate data package (no prepaid cards!). There must be no PIN Code on the SIM card, in case there is, please disable it!
The SIM-Card must never be removed/inserted while the device is running!


How to establish the internet connection

Provider APN settings need to be configured by scanning a barcode. Please search within the APN settings page on Customer Service Center for the appropriate APN setting of your mobile carrier or if you can't find it, contact our support staff using



If there is a problem with the internet connection, please restart the device before you contact support. If the device is not online within the first 5 seconds after startup, please wait at least one minute and then check the connection again.

Local Managers, who are allowed to exit the software can furthermore check on the Windows Mobile Startscreen what the phone status says:

  • if it states INVALID SIM = Replace the SIM-Card
  • if it states NO SIM = Please insert SIM-Card correctly in the proper direction
  • if it states SEARCHING = Go to a location with strong signal and make sure that the SIM-Card has not been deactivated by the provider
  • if it states PHONE OFF = Turn phone on again

 Please be aware

  • If a SIM-Card is used the first time, some providers need at least 24h to activate it
  • Some Carrier APN's are configured automatically by the IMSI (Serial number of the SIM-Card)
  • You can expect problems if battery level is below 5%