Connecting via USB

How to connect the Ticket-Terminal via USB to a Windows PC/Laptop

The Device can only be connected to a Windows PC unsing a Mini-USB Cable

Connecting using Windows 7 / Vista

Please refer to How to use Mobile Device Center

Connecting using Windows XP

Please refer to How to use Active Sync



In case the Ticket-Terminal is not recognized by the computer/laptop or the software does not open, try/check the following:

  • Stop all antivirus and Firewalls running (especially Kaspersky)
  • restart device while leaving usb connected
  • sometimes you will need to restart PC
    • especially when nothing happens after connecting cable
  • check another USB Port
    • a USB plug fits perfectly into a RJ45 network port (we've already seen professional programmers who connected it to the the network port)
    • Sometimes the front USB ports are often not connected to the Mainboard
  • computers in company domains can have limited USB functionallity
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