Release Notes - Palisis APP - 4.55.17

Blanca Castillo
Blanca Castillo
  • Updated


  • On the POS/mPOS is now the system time displayed

  • For the Adyen S1F2L is now a software scanner button available


  • It’s now possible to deduct a fixed amount per ticket for Calculated and Flyer discounts instead of distributing over the whole booking.
  • We added a detailed booking view to the Booking Search functionality
  • In the advanced screen, it's now possible to configure to choose “None” as the first date
  • If you add a reservation to the basket, it shows you a warning message that the reservation is outdated
  • In self-scan mode now the passenger weight count is used for the count of passengers


  • We fixed an issue where high-speed scanning could lead to an app crash in self-scan mode
  • We fixed an issue where EmployeeId with leading 0 wasn’t accepted
  • We fixed an issue where a BookingEntry was detected as GroupTicket
  • We fixed an issue where a Voucher was showing an error No Event found for booking
  • We fixed an issue where the wrong info was printed on check-in exchange tickets for group tickets