Palisis Ticketing - Release Notes 4.23.0

John Goeggel
John Goeggel
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Dear Palisis customers

According to plans, we will release Palisis Ticketing update 4.23.0 next Tuesday the 28th of November.

The following changes might be of interest to you:

- Following the wishes of many clients, we added the feature of “Capacity Alarm Emails”. If you go to Configuration > Business Data > Capacity-Templates you’re now capable to define alarm levels for each capacity-template. If the pre-bookings for any given departure surpasses the entered alarm value of its capacity, automated emails are triggered to inform you and your staff of this fact.


The recipient(s) of those emails can be entered for each Operation line individually (Configuration > Transportation > Operation Lines > Alert Notification Emails). You can inform multiple recipients by entering all their email addresses separated by a comma (,).

Please take notice of three aspects of this new capability:

  1. Three alarm levels can be configured:  1st, 2nd, and 3rd level. The 1st level value should always be lower than the 2nd and the 2nd should be lower than the 3rd. Each time a booking for an event is made, the capacity alarm levels are checked. Once an alarm level is reached the inherent alarm will be triggered and an email is sent. Higher alarm levels can only be set if the corresponding lower levels have been set.
  2. Now if you had your 1st and maybe the 2nd alarm for a departure you might choose to change its capacity in the pre-bookings screen (Operation > Pre-bookings). This action will reset those alarms so that they can be automatically triggered again. Changing the capacity template in the Operation line or changing the Capacity Alarm level within the capacity template will NOT reset the alarms.
  3. We gave you the capability to set those limits in total and/or specified on the seat category level. You can use just one or both at the same time. It’s completely up to you.

The message you’ll receive should look similar to this:

Dear Sir/Madam,

Alarm Global of LEVEL1 has been reached for route Walking tour Zurich Altstadt and
2017-11-28 10:30.


Standard : 40 (40) / 60
1st class : 0 (0) / 20


- Another customer request was the addition of an option that requires the customer to add the information of all the travelers in a booking made in the webshop and the Boxoffice (not the widget though). You can find the tickbox to enable this setting in Configuration > Transportation > Operation lines named “Passenger per ticket mandatory”.

- We also added the capability to configure different prices for the devices and the Boxoffice (Configuration > Transportation > Priceplan).


- Speaking of the Boxoffice: We allow now multiple payments during the checkout process. Though we must admit that due to technical limitations we just can handle one credit card payment to finalize the transaction.

- Another customer wish we followed was the ability to disable single tickets in a multi-ticket-booking and the ability to re-enable them again (Cash management or Operations > Search Tickets).


- With this update, it also will become possible to edit the waypoint of any given booking (Operation > Search Tickets).


- Another change we incorporated was the capability to give a Backoffice user (not Admin) the right to choose the refunding user. This surely comes in handy during your daily operations (Configuration > User Management).


- Last but not least we improved the way we handle the Email templates that were introduced in the last Palisis ticketing update: Before this update, only the email templates of the sales agent were sent to the customer after a partner sale. Now – if it’s a single supplier sale – the email templates of that supplier will be sent to the customer. We hope you agree that this behavior makes a lot more sense.

I’d like to finish these release notes by thanking all the customers who invested their time and effort to report things that we can do better. You motivate and inspire us. Thank you!

Your Palisis team.