How to refund a ticket

Blanca Castillo
Blanca Castillo
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What does it mean?

So you need to do a ticket refund because a customer wasn't able to take a tour? That's fair enough, but how do you register this refund in Palisis? 

Here we explain how and where you can register your refunds in our system. 

You need to be aware that there is a difference between a voucher refund and a ticket refund. This article here only talks about ticket refunds (meaning only transactions done by your operation). 



What should I do?

There are a few different ways to refund a ticket, which makes sense since there are also a few different transaction types that you can do. Here we list the different transaction types and we describe how to do a refund.

Transaction Types (Sales channel that allows this kind of payment)

Cash (Box Office and Device): You can register the refund in Palisis and need to give him the money either directly or you pay it onto his bank account, which you would have to do outside of Palisis. This refund you can do with either the device or in the back office.


Credit Card (Device, Box Office and Webshop): As long as the transfer was made through one of our payment providers (Payment Provider link) you can always carry out the whole refund transaction within the Palisis System. The Process will be explained further down.


Pay Pal (Webshop): Pay Pal is a tricky one. At the moment we don't have an API that is able to process the refund within Palisis. So what you need to make a refund within Palisis for the correct bookkeeping and then do the refund within Pay Pal so that the customer receives his money back. You can always access the Pay Pal reference if you search for the booking or a single ticket within that booking.

In this picture, the reference is highlighted.



This obviously is an important question since it determines where and how you can actually refund. So the next question is where can you process a refund in our system. You can actually refund on the device, the back office, or even the box office.


A quick side note in regards to used terminology. There are 2 terms in Palisis that are used differently. Cancel vs. Refund. Now the question is what is the difference between these two terms? 

Cancel: Well a cancel is basically the annulment of a transaction. A cancel will "remove" or basically cross out a booking entry. It's used to adjust cash settlements. Also, a cancellation can only be done if the cash settlement has not been accepted.

Quick example: So your sales staff tells you that he by accident issued a ticket wrong, and he brings you the ticket back as proof, in that case, the cash settlement is wrong because instead of the 20 Euros in cash he brings you a ticket with the same value. So you need to adjust it and remove 20 Euros from the cash settlement. You can do this by canceling the concerning ticket.

The cancelation is registered in the system with the date it takes place rather than the sales date.

In the following two pictures you can see what happens to a cash settlement with a canceled cash settlement:

Picture 1:


Picture 2:



Refund:  If you issue a ticket and then refund it without changing the sales user, then the refund will appear in this same cash settlement and the amount will be deducted from the total. 

Picture 1:


Picture 2:


However, if you select a different user at the moment of doing the refund then:

  • If the selected sales user already has an open backoffice cash settlement, then the refund will be placed there.
  • If the selected user doesn’t have any open backoffice cash settlement at that moment ,then the system will automatically open a new backoffice cash settlement and the refund will be placed there. This new cash settlement will remain in the status “open”.

Refund with the device:

How to do the refund with the device? All you need to do is to scan the QR code on the receipt. Then the device will ask you if you want to cancel the ticket (see picture). You then proceed by clicking "Cancel Ticket" on the device and depending on the transaction you either give the money in cashback to the customer or follow the steps on the device as it will lead you through the necessary steps to refund the money back onto the card.


mceclip0.png 7.png


You can partially refund a ticket/voucher by entering a price in the field labeled Manual AmountAny comment added to the refund will be visible in the Palisis back office (Operation>Search tickets).



Refund within the box office:

Before I show you where to refund, I think I should let you know if there are any limitations as with the device. And I'm happy to tell you that as long as you have the permission to refund you can refund any booking (unlike with the device). 

So how can you refund in the box office? 

You need to click on "Bookings" in the top bar. Then you will come to the page you see in picture 1. listed under "Recent" you will be able to see the last 250 bookings as long as you have a settlement open. If there is no open settlement this list will stay empty. You can also just search for a booking and will then be able to see bookings from other users and from closed settlements as well.



By clicking on the booking you will then be forwarded to the booking details, which you see here in the second picture. And if you scroll all the way down to the bottom you will be able to choose if you want to refund or cancel the booking (ticket). The difference between these two processes was explained earlier. Now, what happens when you click on "refund"? I'll explain with the help of the next picture.


What can you see in the following picture? Well on top you can see the booking information, when the booking was made, how many tickets are included and in this case specific how big of a refund was already made. So this is a special case where I already did a partial refund on one of the tickets in the booking. 

Underneath you can see the refund details, which you will have to fill in. So you have to decide how many tickets you want to refund or even the whole booking. If you want to disable the tickets, which we highly recommend and the amount that you want to refund. It is necessary that you add a comment on why this ticket was refunded and then you can click on "refund". 


So this is how you refund tickets at our box office. The last part which is left to show you is the back office.

Refund within the back office:

So it is important to know that there are different places in the back office where you can refund but what happens and the process of how your refund is always the same. 


So before I show you the process I'll show you the different places where you can refund. So the first one is if you go to "Operation" > "Search Tickets" enter the ticket or booking ID that you want to refund and then click on the refund button in the bottom right corner. 




The second place where you can start the refund process is by going into the cash settlement. So you click on "Cash Management" and select the settlement with the corresponding booking or ticket. As you probably already know all the bookings and tickets from one shift are listed here. And to the right of each booking, you have a column with a "refund" button. Just click on that button and you will start the refund process. 


So if you click on the refund button you will be forwarded to this mask, where you have to fill out the necessary steps.

So what do you need to do? You need to select how many tickets you want to refund, by checking them on the left. Then you need to decide if you want to disable them and the amount you want to refund. It is also possible to do only a partial refund. 


Next step is an important one if the transaction was done through Palisis Marketpay, you need to decide if this refund should only be done in Palisis or also in Adyen. Meaning that the money will be refunded back onto their credit card. 

  • If you unticked the option "Refund in MARKETPAY", then the refund stands for Palisis only
  • Otherwise, if you keep ticked the option "Refund in MARKETPAY", then the refund stands for Palisis and Adyen.

And at last, you need to fill in a reason for the refund. It is not possible to complete the refund without a comment. 

Now there is one addition that I need to make. Not all users can make refunds and there's a special permission that allows you to make a refund in somebody else's name. 


If you're allowed to make refunds in somebody else's name then you will have this addition in the refund process:





You can actually select the date and time to which this refund should be registered in our system. You can only choose a date and time that lay in the past. And you can select the sales user for which you want to do a refund. 

If you select a different sales user from the original one, then:

  • If the selected sales user already has an open backoffice cash settlement, the refund will be placed there.
  • If the selected user doesn’t have any open backoffice cash settlement at that moment, then the system will automatically open a new backoffice cash settlement and the refund will be placed there. This new cash settlement will remain in the status “open”.


That's all for now. This is how to register a refund in our system. If you still have some questions or something is not clear please contact us under We will then help you out and we'll try to make this article better.