How to setup your webshop

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Blanca Castillo
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What does it mean?

We explain in this article how to setup your desktop webshop to sell your offers online.


Where do I find it?

Sales channels > Online > Webshop


What should I do?

[Premise of this guide: All your Account Data has already been entered and is information ready to use.]

General settings

So far so good. You set up your Account Data and even added some Products (). Hopefully, you already started to sell successfully on the street with the handheld devices. But now you’d like to tap into the online market with your products.

Once you contract with us for the use of the Palisis webshop capability we add this option to your Palisis interface.

If you press the '+New online channel' button first thing we have to do is to choose a domain name. You can either choose to use an address entirely hosted on our servers.



or you can choose a top-level domain you are the registered owner of. If you choose to do so, please notify our support ( about your new webshop, so that our IT can implement some necessary settings for your shop to work.

After that, we can set the Webshop/Widget to active.

Next, we can upload a logo for the Webshop. Such a file must be either in a SVG, PNG, JPG or GIF format.

Afterwards, we need to allocate some of our offers to this new webshop. To do so, you'll need to navigate to the 'Offers' tab and input the routes by clicking on the '+' button and selecting the relevant ones.


Now, if we click on every offer we can drag & drop the product also up and down and thereby adjust the listing place of each product in the webshop. They will be displayed in the same order as here.

In addition to that, we can change some settings for each offered product individually. For that, you have to click on the 'Edit' button

Please be aware that if you make a change in here you have to press “Save” twice to make a change permanent.


Offer settings

The possible settings in this menu are:

Hide offer

Vanishes the offer from the shop

Date-time option

Allow the client to choose date and time or just the date - You have different possibilities here, either none, date or date-time. Which means the customer cannot choose a date, only date or even date & time for an event. Decide what you want as the default option for your webshop. You can choose this for every offer separately -> see “Single Offer options”.

Blackout event (in minutes)

Set a time period before a departure where booking isn’t possible

Pick-up hidden

Turn off the pickup selection

Price hidden

It's only for bundles and it hides the price on the first step.

Allow event selection
decide later

Article: Decide-later-option-on-the-webshop

Message about allow event
selection decide later

Label for the Decide Later Button 

Timetable label

 Enable a "Timetable" label (language specific). Note you need to enable the setting "Timetable".

Trip-Advisor link

Enter a link to TripAdvisor, that way your customer can look up feedbacks for your tour with one click.

Route Upsell (Enter r-code)

 Enter here the r-code of the upgraded route in case you want to offer an upgrade to your customers. You can find the r-code in the list of available or assigned offers, it should look like something like this: r-3556

Upsell / Action

 Enter a label for the upsell call to action button.

Upsell / Price-Info Text (Token $price)

 Enter a text for the upsell box of information. 

Upsell / More-Intro Text (Token $bg)

 Enter additional information for the upsell box.

Limit Sales to Today

Today is pre-selected in the calendar and it's not possible to select any other date.

Minimum basket size

minimum number of tickets allowed in the basket

Maximum basket size

maximum number of tickets allowed in the basket

Hide pricpelan

You can hide one or more priceplans of this operation line on the desktop webshop.


Hint: If your changes aren't displayed in the webshop you should empty your browser cache. Here's how to do it depending on your operating system:

Windows: Ctrl + F5

Mac/Apple: Apple + R or Ccommand + R

Linux: F5


Detail settings

These are by no means all the settings we can change. If we press the 'Edit' button and scroll down on the 'Attributes' tab, we can access a multitude of settings.

I decided to go through this giant list of setting with lists. Each chapter/list has the settings name on the left and its explanation on the right. I took the liberty to mark the settings, which are commonly changed or discussed with support, in bold. Please be aware that some of these settings are very sensitive in regard to the functionality of your webshop; one wrong setting might make or break it. Please test your webshop after each change (incl. CTR +F5) if it works and the changed setting is indeed desirable.


Layout and Color


Root background

The primary color of your shop.


Main background

Main color of the offers


Contrast background

Color of text boxes next to another text box or image


Widget background

The color of the background in the booking button.


Hover Action Background

The color of the "ORDER WITH OBLIGATION TO PAY" box and color of the departure selection 


Primary foreground  Color of the main text 


Contrast foreground Color of the text of the "ORDER WITH OBLIGATION TO PAY" button and also the color of the selected date and departure time


Lead Action Foreground Color of the text of the call to action buttons or links (BOOK, My order, Your Cart, NEXT, language, Go back to offers, back and forward arrows, CHECKOUT, Remove position, change, CHANGE (upsell), Add to cart, etc.


Disabled Button
Background Color

Background Color of a disabled button (e.g. “NEXT” Button before selecting a departure date)


Offer title font-size How big should the title be in the widget.


Border Radius Main (px) Do you want your widgets to have corners or (choose = 1) or curves (choose = 80)
12 Day of week abbrev. 2 character It is possible to have 2 or 3 letters when at the weekday selection. Either MO / TU / WE or MON / TUE / WED. This helps to keep a narrow layout.


Disable menu
mobile view

Disables the navigation menu in the top right corner on mobile devices.


Calendar with tiles



Low contrast calendar

Changes the calendar design with high/low contrast for available/unavailable dates.
Just try which one suits you best.


Reduced layout (self-service)

Specific and accurate design for the self service terminal (big screen)


Webshop New backoffice.jpg



Webshop 2.jpg



Webshop 3.jpg

On the other hand, if the "Reduced layout" is enable, your webshop deskop will look as follows:

You can find more information about the self service feature in our support article here.


Booking process

Enable PayPal

Enable PayPal: Enable your customers to pay with PayPal. For that, you must provide your Customer Relationship Manager with your PayPal credentials.

PayPal as only payment method

Enable this setting if you want to use just PayPal as the method of payment

PayPal - Cancel URL

If a customer cancels the PayPal payment process it redirects him to the URL that you enter here.

Cart is enabled

Enable your customer to use the shopping cart.

Skip summary-step

Should it show all the orders to the customer before he gets forwarded to the payment page.

Discount check on ticket-selection

When a customer selects a ticket, the system will automatically check for discounts (if you activate this option the summary step will be skipped).

Checkout with Basket

Enable the customer to check out with the current basket.

Extended Pickup Selection

If you have a lot of different Pickups they will be displayed by a drop-down UI.

Extended Pickup Selection - Mandatory

It is mandatory for the customer to select a pickup.

Pickup Points Order

Select displaying order of pick up points by time or name

Promo-code is enabled

Enable the customer to enter a promo-code.

Promo-code hidden if calculated discount exists

With this option you can hide the promo-code input box when a calculated discount has already been applied.

Surpress VAT-label

Hide the VAT label

Scroll offer into view after cancel

With this option you can decide where the customer should be sent to if he cancels a booking process. If you activate this feature, the previous active offer will be scrolled into the viewpoint.

Show priceplan label

Do you want the customer to see the priceplan label

Show priceplan also if only one

should there always be a priceplan button or only when the customer has choice

All priceplans at once

You can either show all priceplans at once or just one priceplan at a time and then the customer needs to switch between the different priceplans.

Collapse priceplans

If we enable this setting, we can see the seat category in a dropdown list.

Single priceplan but tabs

Decide if you want the customer to be able to switch between the priceplans with tabs.

Amex enabled

Should the Amex logo be displayed in the payment section.

Show total on checkout from basket

Do you want the total to be displayed if customers checkout via basket

Force show owner

The owner of the offer is only displayed when it is a partner offer.

Details on checkout (Direct)

If the customer uses direct checkout a summary will be displayed of all the bought offers.

Offer description on checkout (Direct)

If the customer uses direct checkout a summary will be displayed of all the bought offers. Each bought offer is displayed with the description.

Details on checkout (from Basket)

If the customer uses the basket for checkout a summary will be displayed of all the bought offers.

Offer description on checkout (from Basket)

If the customer uses the basket for checkout a summary will be displayed of all the bought offers. Each bought offer is displayed with the description.


If a customer buys something in your shop you can configure that the shop automatically makes a suggestion for another offer. In the general settings, you can configure a certain offer as a default value. Palisis recommends that you use the individual setting and configure an upsell offer for every single offer.

Upsell-Suggestions - Max Suggestions

You’re able to limit the maximum of shown upsell suggestions.

Hide upsell-item description if mobile

If the shop is accessed over a mobile, the upsell-item will only show “hard facts”, so no description will be shown.

Claim action on download hidden

You can hide the “My bookings” button on the checkout screen.

Show multi-currency drop down in checkout process

It allows to choose between accepted currencies during the checkout process.

Hide fully booked priceplans

Hides/shows priceplans with no availability.

Calendar show capacity

If it's enabled the calendar shows coloured icons to display the capacity. More information here.

Calendar show from-price

If it's enabled the calendar shows the from-price per date. More information here.


Time table

Timetable show upcoming

Should the next few upcoming events are displayed or not.

Timetable show upcoming only

If it's enabled the webshop only shows the upcoming events, it does not show the calendar.

Timetable upcoming value

How many upcoming events should be displayed.

Timetable auto upcoming if few events

If there are less than 3 events in the next 3 months the timetable will show automatically.

Timetable if few threshold

You can choose the threshold from when the whole timetable should be displayed.

Event preload (month)

How many months ahead customers can book a tour online. If you enter 12, customers can book the tour 12 months into the future.



In all of the following sorting options, there are 3 options: ordinal, name or none.

  • Ordinal: It will take the manual sorting from the BackOffice. You can sort the objects manually, ordinal will take this sorting.
  • Name: Alphabetical order of the names.
  • None: The order in which the objects have been created.

Sort option passenger category

Decide how the passenger category should be sorted.

Sort option seat category

Decide how the seat category should be sorted.

Sort option priceplan

Decide how the priceplan should be sorted.

Sort option offer

Decide how the offers should be sorted.

Sort option summary

Decide how the summary should be sorted.

Sort partner offer last if name-option

If you sort offers by name, you can here adjust that partner offers will be displayed after your offers.


Branding and Social

Owner name

The owner of the shop will be displayed everywhere, on the tickets, the offers, the website, etc. It does not necessarily need to be the owner name, you can actually write anything you want.

Contact e-mail

You can overwrite the “contact e-mail” on the tickets, website, etc.

Contact phone

You can overwrite the “contact phone” on the tickets, website, etc.

Terms and Conditions

You can overwrite the “Terms and Conditions” on the tickets, website, etc.

Footer Link (HTML allowed)

You have to enter the link to your "Impressum" (HTML allowed)

Legal override for

partner tickets also

The information for all offers on your webshop will be overwritten.

Link to owner-website

If your customer wants to look at his bookings he can do that by clicking on my bookings and then enter his mail-address. He will then receive a mail with a link to a Palisis site with all his bookings. On this site there is a button in the top right corner, this button will redirect the customer to the site you enter here (“link to owner-website”).

Google Analytics Ecommerce enabled

Enable Google Analytics Ecommerce. Per default it is disabled.

Google Analytics

Comma separated list of Google Analytics Domains.

Google Tag Manager ID

Activate Google Tag manager by setting a tag manager ID

(The tag is directly loaded into the index file, not injected by javascript async.)

Anonymize IP for

Google Tag Manager

and Analytics

Enable → The customers real IP is anonymized and not sent to Google.


Decide if you want a Facebook button next to every offer. With this button, the customer can share your shop. Per default, there is a button on your webshop.

Google Plus

Decide if you want a Google Plus button next to every offer. With this button, the customer can share your shop. Per default, there is a button on your webshop.


Decide if you want a Twitter button next to every offer. With this button, the customer can share your shop. Per default, there is a button on your webshop.


Decide if you want a Pinterest button next to every offer. With this button, the customer can share your shop. Per default, there is a button on your webshop.



Layout / Fonts

Font (prim) URL

You can change the font, here you need to enter a URL code. I.e. for Pacifico:

Font (prim) Family

Besides the URL, you also need to enter the name of the font. I.e. for Pacifico: Pacifico.

Font (bold) URL

You can change the font, here you need to enter a URL code. I.e. for Pacifico:

Font (bold) Family

Besides the URL, you also need to enter the name of the font. I.e. for Pacifico: Pacifico.

Max height for pickup points list

Sets the maximum height for the pickup point list (correct format is [value]px, e.g.: 150px)



Force locale (Locale code e.g. "en"-English)

Normally the shop will adjust the language to the IP address of the customer. If you enter en i.e. the shop will always be displayed in English no matter the IP (this does not work for iFrame).

Remove Locale from Header (List of codes e.g. "es, fr, it")

You can remove languages from the header, you must use the shortcut.

List of Languages e.g. en=English,de=Deutsch,...

You can add certain languages. But only languages which are assisted by the Palisis System.

Logo centered

Should the logo be at the center or not? Per default, the logo is centered.

Logo hidden

You can hide the Logo in your Webshop. This makes sense if you integrate the shop via iFrame.

Lang link is hidden

If enabled, all language links in the top right corner are hidden.

Claim link is hidden

If enabled, the “My orders” button on the top of your website will be hidden (next to the language selection).

Contact is hidden

If enabled, the contact information in the bottom left corner is hidden.

Logo width 100%

The logo will use the whole width.

Booking indicator-cancel hidden

If enabled, the "Go back to offers" link is hidden

Basket-handle hidden

Hide the basket-handle, this is the button that will appear in the top right corner, as soon as the customer puts an offer in the basket.

Store and publish basket

This is only important if you use iFrame integration.

Step back

Here you can disable the “step back” function for the booking process.

Step back (first screen)

Disable the “step back” function for the first booking step.

Continue shopping in basket

Disable the “continue shopping” option when the customer is in the basket.

Publish basket after checkout with delay

Time between checkout/payment success and the confirmation getting displayed (Standard is “YES” with 1,5sec, “NO” 0,25sec) we recommend not to change this.

Extra checkbox 1 enabled

 It shows a checkbox below the terms and conditions one in the checkout screen.

 Extra checkbox 1 text (HTML allowed)

 Enter a text for the checkbox 1

 Extra checkbox 2 enabled

 It shows a second checkbox below the terms and conditions one in the checkout screen.

 Extra checkbox 2 text (HTML allowed)

 Enter a text for the checkbox 2

 Sticky header enabled

Keeps logo/header visible during the whole booking process on mobile devices.

 Zero allowed enabled

 It allows bookings for price 0

Date format

Define date format to fit your location

Time format

Define time format to fit your location

Date Time format

Define date/time format to fit your location

Show Send Newsletter Checkbox

If it's enabled the checkout page shows an extra checkbox for your customers to authorize their subscription to your  newsletter.



You can customize the passbook icon and passbook logo with your own .png images.

Passbook Background Color Color of the button (only for old design)
Passbook Foreground Color Color of the text (only for old design)
Passbook Icon You can customize the passbook icon with your own .png image
Passbook Logo You can customize the passbook logo with your own .png image



Please note that you have the capability to change the wording according to the language of your webshop. To better illustrate this, I changed the wording of each value to the name of it’s setting. If you are looking for a specific label please compare your own webshop to the images below to find the correct setting.

1 Action Order
2 Action Remove item from basket
3 Pickup-Label
4 Terms & Conditions-Label
5 Legal Info/Config (HTML allowed)
6 Discounted Label
7 Sub Label
8 Upsell / Price-Info Text (Token $price)
9 Upsell / More-Intro Text (Token $bg)
10 Upsell / More-Prefix
11 Upsell / Action
12 Date label
13 Date/Time label
14 Select Date
15 Select Date/Time
16 Departure time label
17 Label Tickets Price
18 Label Tickets
19 Label Ticket
20 Label Email
21 Label Email Confirm
22 Label Name
23 Label Phone
24 Label Comment
25 Label Personal
26 Label Payment
27 Label Method
28 Label Confirm Line (token $amount)
29 Label Confirm Line Mobile (token $amount)
30 Label Card Number
31 Label Card Holder
32 Label Expiration
33 Label Cvc
34 Label Terms Check
35 Label Mandatory
36 Label Error Input
37 Label Error Input Email Confirm
38 Label Ok Input
39 Label Booking Failed
40 Label Processing
41 Label Download Heading
42 Label Uid
43 Label Care Email
44 Label Care Tel
45 Label Claim Remark
46 Label Adobe
47 Label Download Action
48 Label Claim Success Remark
49 Label Claim Spam Remark
50 Label Claim Email Remark
51 Label VAT
52 Label Offered By
53 Label Book
54 Label Featured
55 Label From
56 Label My Orders
57 Label Cancel Back To Offers
58 Label Back
59 Label Continue Action
60 Label Choose Another Date
61 Label Available
62 Label Select Ticket
63 Label Total
64 Label Pickup Not Specified
65 Label Add To Cart
66 Label Cart
67 Label Continue Shopping
68 Label Checkout
69 Label Back To Offers
70 Label Promo
71 Label Apply
72 Label Promo Invalid
73 Label Select Ticket Multi (token $priceplan)
74 Label Steps (token $stepX $stepTotal)
75 Label Out of Duty
76 Label Claim Error Expired
77 Label PayPal only
78 Additional Info (1st step message)
79 Additional Info (2nd step message)
80 Additional Footer Link (URL)
81 Additional Footer Link (Label)
82 Code Valid Message
83 Message about the Email as contact method
84 Label Credit Card
85 Payment And Contact title
86 Label Pay with PayPal
87 PayPal redirect message
88 Label Summary
89 Label Your Order
90 Label Error Offer Not Available
91 Label Departure
92 Label Departure Date
93 Label Upcoming Departures
94 Label Today
95 Label Tomorrow
96 Label Change
97 Label Select Price Plan
98 Label Trip
99 Label Menu
100 Label Each
101 Label Remove Position
102 Label Ticket Selection
103 Label Claim Heading
104 Label Claim Action












105 Send Newsletter checkbox message
106 Label Show upcomings
107 Label from, for departure prices




Please, visit our support article about the self service here to know more about the following labels:


Label Self-Service Inactive
Label Self-Service Booking process timeout message
Label Self-Service Proceed booking
Label Self-Service Cancel
Label Self-Service Confirm timeout message
Label Self-Service Extend


EU Law Cookie

Please, visit our article about this topic here.


Self-Service Terminal

Please, visit our article about the self-service terminal here.



There is an easy example of the integration available here:

The Palisis Desktop engine uses a third-party tool called “iFrame Resizer”.
The tool is available at and following their “Getting started” we are linking + serving the JavaScript iframeResizer.contentWindow.min.js with each Desktop engine instance. This is the only prerequisite to use this tool with the hosting page (the customers page embedding the IFRAME).
Please follow the “Getting started” to setup “iFrame Resizer” on the page embedding the IFRAME.
The use of this library must consider to use as heightCalculationMethod the value ‘taggedElement’. Also prevent cross-domain problems by using checkOrigin: false.
Sample code:

<iframe id="myIframe" src="" style="width:100%; border:none"></iframe>
iFrameResize({checkOrigin:false, heightCalculationMethod: 'taggedElement'}, '#myIframe');


Direct Links

It's entirely feasible to generate direct links to different pages within your webshop. Below are some examples utilizing the shop domain 'webshop-api-test' – ensure you substitute this with your own shop domain. You need the route id 'r-xxxx' to build the URLs, you can find that information by going to Webshop > Edit > Offers tab.

Book Direct

This link directs the user straight to the booking process, bypassing the introductory section with the photo and book button.



Offer Direct

This link redirects the user to that particular offer, exclusively to that one.

It's also possible to redirect the user to a webshop with multiple offers. For that, you need to build the URL with the route ids comma separated:,r-1561


Force Mobile

The webshop is obliged to display in its mobile format if we use this link.



It's possible to force the webshop into a specific language using this link. The language codes consist of 2 characters.

English - en
German - de
Catalan - ca
Dutch - nl
French - fr
Italian - it
Norwegian - no
Portuguese - pt
Spainsh - es
Swedish - sv