Palisis Ticketing - Release Notes 4.20.0

John Goeggel
John Goeggel
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Dear Palisis customers

We are currently planning to release the next update of Palisis Ticketing on next Wednesday 20.9.2017 at 07:00 CET. Version 9.20.0 will contain some bugfixes as well as some improvements to the system.

Here are the changes which will influence your experience with Palisis the most:

  • A large portion of this update is dedicated to the New Reporting which we incorporated last month. Thanks to a lot of feedback from our customers, we were able to better understand your operational needs and to fix some issues which slipped our extensive testing.
  • Among many things, we updated the Home tab with the capabilities of the New Reporting. It now displays today's Gross Revenue, Revenue, Tickets, and Passengers:


  • As part of the New Reporting, we also added in the “At a glance”-report the capability of filter your statistics by Product and Product categories:


  • We also changed the structure of the Reporting menu to make it more logical and give it a more intuitive feel. Speaking about intuitive; we also changed whom we allow exporting reports. Upon popular request, we allow this now also for switched users.
  • We improved the way our system deals with Check-ins and Validations in the Reports. Now they get an own booking line which makes the Reports easier to understand. To get them displayed please activate them in Reports & Analysis > Configuration > Report templates.                  
  • Besides the improvements in the New Reporting we also took great strides regarding the Boxoffice: Your Boxoffice-users are now capable to do partial refunds:


  • For the Boxoffice of your partners, we now gave you the capability to add a blackout period. Hereby you can regulate how much time in minutes must be between the sale of a voucher and a certain departure. This acts as some sort of cut-off which should prohibit the sale of departures a customer can’t make in time. This blackout period has to be entered for each partner and each product separately. We also made this possible for Bundles as well:


We hope that these changes will be very useful to you and in case you have questions about the use and functionality of them you are surely welcome to send them to our support team.